Evento: Digital Methods for Qualitative Research

Me llega por la lista de EtnoVirtual (gracias a Rubén Arriazu) esta convocatoria que parece interesante: un workshop sobre Digital Methods for Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences. No dan muchos detalles del evento. Estaremos al tanto de ello. Más información:

Digital Methods for Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences, 21 – 25 May 2007, Cardiff University, UK.

The first event will be held at Cardiff University
21-25 May 2007, It will be devoted to a review of qualitative research
in the digital age.

Topics include:

qualitative research in cyberspace

researching online communities

hypertext and hypermedia applications

computer-aided qualitative data analysis

studying computer-mediated communication.

The event will be in two parts. It will begin with a
high-level workshop with experts in the field and will be followed by a
training event for doctoral students and early-career researchers. The
second part will be led by key researchers and methodological experts.

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